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LED Shower Timer

LED Shower Timer for saving energy
This LED shower timer is the world's first water pressure powered shower timer.

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It fits directly onto the faucet of your shower. By turning on the water, the water flow powers the integrated turbine generator which creates energy for the internal electronic timer and coloured LED lights.

The lights glow green, blue, red, flashing red as time progresses, politely reminding you how long you've been in the shower, to help you save energy, water and money.

Simple to fit - no tools required - can be installed in minutes.

Light indicators

  • Green: 0 - 4 minutes
  • Blue: 4 - 8 minutes
  • Red: 8 - 12 minutes
  • Flashing red: more than 12 minutes


  • Quick installation - fits in line with the shower head or hose
  • Powered by the water flowing through the shower - no batteries needed
  • Glows green, blue, red, flashing red as time progresses
  • Encourages awareness of water use and cost
  • High quality chrome finish
  • Based on patented H2O micro water turbine technology
  • Can be used in domestic, commercial and industrial properties

Saving water and energy in the shower

  • We spend nearly 20% of our energy bill on heating water, and most of that is in the bathroom.
  • Spending less time in the shower, and turning the heat down in the shower can help to save you money.
  • A power shower may seem like it uses less water, but can often use more than a bath.
  • By spending just one minute less in the shower, a family of four would save 12,000 litres of water per year. (Source: Directgov)
  • By spending just over 3 and a half minutes less in the shower, a family of four would be able to save £180 a year, and reduce the amount of energy for heating water for the shower by 20%.