Efficiency in Your Finances

One of the best ways to get your life on track and feel more productive again is to truly gather all your finances together and find ways to make your finances more efficient.

And what do I mean when I say efficient finances???

This definitely does not mean being cheap or not spending money because I am a true advocate of living your life now and for the future and enjoying every moment of it. What this truly means is finding a way to spend your money on things that give you the returns that have a true value in your life and that would make you happy on the longer term and not just a short lived temporary excitement that would eventually fade away and leave you feel like you just wasted your money.  Its really about organizing and taking control of your finances and investing into places that align with your goals and where you want to be in your life. Think of all the things that will truly mean something to you once you achieve it and pursue it. Get into the good habits and get rid of the bad ones



Here are some ideas of how to do this:

– If one of your goals is to retire in life early and live at a certain lifestyle and salary, you might want to consider investing for example more in your RRSPs. This would mean actually taking the initiative in allocating a certain budget of your monthly salary to your RRSP account. In order to determine at what age and what salary you want to retire with its best you work with an expert such as a financial advisor who will help you determine how much you need to be adding in your RRSP account in order to achieve your goals.



– Do you have debt and you want out ? This can be causing an added stress in your life and causing depression and anxiety. If this is the case then you need to place this as a priority to achieve overall healthy mental balance and happiness. Focus on that and be efficient in your finances. Put a plan together with a target date for repayment and focus on that by allocating a monthly amount for the repayment…. or even better…go to your bank and make an agreement with them to consolidate your debt at a low interest rate and to withdraw a certain amount of money each month for the debt repayment…kind of like a mortgage. Make sure you are dedicated through this but do not overload yourself too so do not focus on too many financial goals at the same time because you might end up overwhelmed, feeling too financially burdened and end up giving up eventually.