Ditching your car commute for a £1,000 pay rise

Being energy efficient isn’t just about saving energy and money in your house, it’s about saving energy and money across all aspects of your life. One of the hidden wastes of time, energy and money if the daily car based commute to work.

The average cost of running a car is increasing nearly as fast as home energy bills are and as result your commute to work could well be costing you more than you realise.



It’s not difficult to see the potential saving here, average petrol prices in the UK have sky rocketed in the last 5 years from 95p a litre in 2007 to a staggering 140p per litre currently. Let’s assume the average commute to work is 8 miles, at 48 working weeks a year this is an eye watering 3840 miles per year or £550 in fuel! Cycling can save you this as it requires no fuel and even paying the shop to do your maintenance will be less than £100 per year.

Potential annual saving: £550


Most people join a gym to loose weight and go 3 times a week. A lot of people join a gym to loose weight and never go to the gym. In both cases the gym can cost anywhere between £30 and £60 per month. If your aim of joining the gym is to loose weight then cycling to work can save you this monthly cost. Not only that, but cycling to work lets you kill two birds with one stone, your commute and your workout are the same thing so you no longer have to find 1.5 hours during the evening to go to the gym.

Potential annual saving: £540 (£45 per month gym membership)

Car insurance

Car insurance costs are now pretty sizeable, with the average now being more than £1,000 per year it’s no wonder that insurance comparison sites are so popular. Some insurers have a “Not used for commuting” option where your premium can be reduced quite significantly if you don’t use your car for commuting on a regular basis. This has a two fold benefit as it means you save money on your premium and you have no excuse not to cycle to work more than you drive to work – how’s that for some motivation!

Potential annual saving: £100


Living in or near a large town or city is great for convenience but the busy roads can make driving to work a stressful and time consuming processes. A bike can move through stationary and slow moving traffic with relative ease though and over short distances can be much quicker than the car. Even if it doesn’t save you time though it will save you the stress of sitting in traffic.

Potential annual saving: 5 stressy days (30 mins per day, 48 working weeks)

Fun Factor

Lets face it, sitting in you car is ok for a bit but when it’s a glorious spring or summer’s day it can be hot and unpleasant. Jumping on your bike on a day like that is hugely fun and will add a level of enjoyment to your commutes that can’t be matched by a car.

These are some of the reasons why cycling to work is awesome and a great decision to make. You bike doesn’t need to cost the earth and many companies now take part in the bike to work scheme in the UK so you can get it even cheaper. If your work has showers it can work out really well regardless of your job and best of all the savings we’ve roughly calculated above work out the be the better part of a nice holiday in the sun or a good addition to your savings.

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