Energy Showdown: UK vs Europe Energy Prices and Energy Consumption [Infographic]

Given all the talk in the media recently about energy prices and their continued rise we thought it might be fun to see how the UK compares to the rest of Europe and to see if government measures related to energy prices are working and, more importantly, keeping the UK competitive in Europe.

The data can get pretty involved so we whipped up this fun little infographic to show how the UK compares to the Europe.


UK vs Europe Energy Consumption and Energy Prices Infographic

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You can see from the data that as far as domestic energy prices go our energy prices are below average for the average EU 27 countries and although our prices are rising quicker than the average we are still far cheaper than the most expensive. As far as energy and the economy goes, we have room for improvement compared to Italy but on the whole we are pretty effective at extracting GDP from our energy consumption.

It’s important to say that this doesn’t take into account the fact that we have some of the oldest housing stock in Europe and in general have to use a fair amount of energy to heat our homes.

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