Get back at energy companies with these 5 bill busting tips

As energy companies just put their prices up (again) we thought it was a good time to give you our top tips for keeping warm and saving energy and money this autumn.

1. Loft insulation

EON Insulate your loft campaign continues

The most effective way to keep your house warmer for less is to insulate your loft. If your loft is empty or relatively organised then this needn’t be a big job and so a great place to get the insulation is B&Q as they sell it very cheaply/for free. If your loft is a bit full then E.ON are running their Love Your Loft campaign where they will empty, sort, remove and replace the stuff in your loft whilst insulating it! (it’s not cheap though)

2. Seal up your windows

Unless you’ve got relatively new double glazing there is a good chance that some of the seals round your windows are starting to get a little draughty. Just a couple of these little draughts can lead to quite a chill in some rooms so it’s worth hunting them down and sealing them up with draught excluder tape. The best way to find them is with a small candle, if the flame flickers near a window seal then you’ve got a draught that could do with sealing up, careful though – don’t burn anything!

3. Find your power hungry devices with an energy monitor

Energy Monitors can help save energy and money when put in the best location

Energy monitors are a great way to find out what electrical appliances are costing you more than they should. Some people claim a 40% saving on their electricity bill but realistically it will more likely to be around 10-15%.

Pro tip: Mount the display by your front door for a quick way to see if you’ve left anything on when leaving the house.

4. Insulate your hot water tank

Again, another fairly unsexy tip but 20% of the average UK domestic energy bill is spent heating water, once it’s heated make sure it’s staying hot as long as possible by insulating your hot water tank.

5. Carry on drying your clothes outside

Autumn is still warm enough to dry clothes outside, we tend to avoid it though because it rains more and so you land up using a tumblr dryer anyway. By using this handy washing line rain cover you can avoid using the tumble dryer until winter sets in properly and be safe in the knowledge that your clothes won’t get soaked through again when it rains.

All these tips are relatively easy to do and have a reasonable pay back time (less than 1 year for some) so you’ll notice the difference soon enough. If you’re looking for some other measures then our post on the top three energy saving products might be worth a read or just have a browse through our collection of energy savings products.

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