Budget Friendly Weeding Tips


Weeding is a once in a lifetime event and want it to be memorable. You want to arrange a beautiful event on this special occasion. But you also have to keep the money in spend. Planning a weeding event is not about money only. Only money will not make this event spectacular and memorable. You can follow some simple tips to arrange a beautiful weeding event. These tips are budget friendly and will turn your weeding into a memorable event.

Shorten your Guest List

You don’t have to invite the whole town on your weeding day. It will raise your expense and you may end up wasting a lot of money. So be smart and invite your close ones. The people you care about and give them a reason to celebrate. Most couple spend all of their money on a lengthy guest list. Let everyone know about your special day, but you don’t have to invite them all on your weeding. Keep the guest list short, it will allow you to spend money elsewhere.

Ceremony at Home

Marriage is about two person who are about to spend their life together and there is no other place like home to arrange this occasion. You should try to arrange the weeing ceremony in your home. It will be budget friendly and comfortable for the guest. Renting a luxurious hall for weeding ceremony can be very expensive. So consider your own home to hold this special event of your life.


Do the Catering

Hiring a catering service for the wedding reception event will cost a lot. You can arrange the catering service on your own. Hiring a family owned restaurant service is also a good idea to keep the budget well within your reach. The cost of food and beverage will reduce drastically if you follow this tip. Family owned restaurant should be your first choice for the catering service. Ask them for this favor and if they agree you will be able the keep the cost within your budget.

Minimum Decoration

The decoration can be beautiful and charming even if you keep it within your budget. Dot spend a lot for flowers. You don’t need to buy a lot of flowers to create a beautifully decorated event. Just keep a single red rose for bridesmaids and keep the decoration minimal. If you know someone in your family with flower business, you can ask for their help.

Own Invitation

An own invitation will mean a lot to your family and relatives. It will also save a lot of money if you do the invitation work on your own. You just need printer and some papers to print the invitation card. After that you can hand over those invitation card on your own. This process will keep your cost within your budget. There are some cool site from where you will get some ideas about invitation card design.

These are some simple tips to keep your weeding cost within your budget.